Status Stories: Part 2

Our last post referenced Trendwatching’s  Monthly Trend Briefing for April. That reminded me of the December 7, 2007 McKinsey Quarterly, which covered a parallel group of companies in an article on co-creation, the idea that customers will collaborate with companies in creating products or content. McKinsey sited:

    * OhmyNews  – a South Korean online newspaper with the motto, “Every Citizen is a Reporter”. OhmyNews’ army of citizen reporters number 60,000 and produce 80 percent of the online newspaper’s content. These citizen reporters successfully collaborate with 60 professional reporters and editors. OhmyNews is credited with influencing the election of South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun, when daily page views exceeded 2 million

    * Wikipedia  – what else can we say.

    *Threadless  – a quirky online clothing store that markets t-shirts based on submitted designs. Designs are chose by a community of registered users and successful designers win cash awards and credit. Threadless opened a retail operation in Chicago last September.

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