Good Enough for Government Work

The usual horror stories regarding dealing with the IRS tend to pop up this time of year. I thought of this last month when I read the article in Newsweek "C’mom and Be a Bureaucrat."  The gist of the article is that federal employees are retiring faster than they can be replaced. Reasons cited are the salary gap when compared to private employment salaries and "an aura of incompetence around government work."

Government agencies’ solutions center around hiring bonuses, job fairs and national advertising that touts how great it is to work for the government. I don’t think any of those tactics will work. Why? Because the only way you can really change your positioning in the minds of your prospects is to change your behavior. All the national advertising in the world won’t change the day-to-day experiences with the government that are less than ideal. Ever called the IRS to get a question answered? Been to the Post Office lately to send a package? Tried to correct an error related to Medicare payments? Those experiences won’t be washed away with a big bonus and a TV ad.

If you want to reposition your company, don’t start with advertising. Start with changing the behaviors so that you REALLY are DOING what you say you are.

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