Make Lemonade Part 2

Sometimes we have the feeling that if only our product or service was a little hipper, sexier, more contemporary, we could REALLY sell it. But, not everyone gets to do the marketing for the iPhone. What do you do if your product is less than awesome?

Do like Ann Cadman at the Animal Friends Shelter in rural Pennsylvania did. Her story was reported last week in The Wall Street Journal. She is responsible for finding people to adopt older pets. As reported in the article, "Animal Friends takes abused, neglected and unwanted animals and tries
to find them families. That can be challenging. Who wants a banged-up
old rabbit? Or elderly cats and dogs that have thinning fur, missing
teeth, cataracts and arthritic hips?"

Ms. Cadman came up with an idea. "Form an exclusive society for people who adopt older
pets…Members would get discounts on pet jewelry and apparel
at the shelter boutique. They would be honored with a proclamation
suitable for framing, and they are invited to coffee klatches."

She turned the adopters into heroes. She showered them with praise. She gave them an outlet to bond and share stories. She made them into a unique community. And, it’s working. "Since it was formed last April, more than 300 older cats, dogs and rabbits have been adopted from the shelter."

So, next time you’re struggling with a less than perfect product or service to market, think about how you can make your customers feel unique, special and part of a community.

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