Simple, Elegant Products: Part 3

Two months ago, I signed up with, a free voice-to-email, voice-to-text messages, and voice-to-reminder service. Now, I’m totally hooked on sending emails and text messages while I drive.

As a new user, you register your phone number, names and email addresses for contacts that you want to Jott.

With Jott’s toll-free number in your cellphone speed dial, you are ready. (Total set up time: less than five minutes.)

Just call and answer the voice prompt, "who do you want to Jott?"

Name a contact or say "myself", and leave a voice message.

In less than five minutes, the voice message is transcribed and delivered as an email or text message. Plus, your original voice message is attached as an audio file — just in case the transcription misses a nuance.

It’s quick, easy and free.

It is truly a simple, elegant product that solves that universal
problem of how to jot a quick note when there’s no other good option.

In addition, you can access Jott feeds. By answering the prompt, "who do you want to Jott" with "Jott Feeds", you can select pre-loaded feed options or custom feeds — for example "news" retrieves Yahoo News headlines, "business week" retrieves Business Week headlines. Similarly, Lifehacker, Mashable, Tech Crunch and Yahoo Weather are retrieved and read flawlessly.


1 thought on “Simple, Elegant Products: Part 3

  1. Chris Elser

    I agree — this is a great product. I tried it and now I’m hooked. It’s a voice Blackberry!


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