An Alternative To Layoffs

Duncan Aviation, a premier US corporate jet maintenance company headquartered in Lincoln, NE, announced a reduction in hours and salaries – not a layoff – as a way to deal with the current business downturn.

The Lincoln Journal Star story from January 27th is followed by more than 40 comments, primarily comments by employees such as:

– "This seems like a reasonable solution, and a very honest business practice, ensuring the employees maintain a somewhat steady income and importantly, benefits. It is refreshing to see an approach other than cutting jobs."

– "At least the company is trying to do what is right, kudos for that. Better than some of the companies that just show employees the door."

– "High praise and many kudos to Duncan. I am proud to see a Company as Duncan take a huge step to keep their employees."

– "Kudos to Duncan for watching out for their employees!"

– "We would rather have the wage reduction and the 32-hour workweek as opposed to being unemployed with no benefits." (wife of a Duncan employee)

Everyone wins in this deal.

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