Multifaceted Spaces Broaden Brands’ Reach & Build Community

There’s an interesting trend occurring in Kansas City: the emergence of several multifaceted, dual-use spaces that attract vibrant, diverse communities based on shared interests and experiences. By overlaying multiple points of consumer service, these brands expand their reach beyond their core audience and create “hybrid” spaces. At a time when retail establishments are struggling to stay open, these innovative spaces are revitalizing their connections with consumers.

Building Bigger Brands

There are several compelling examples (just in Kansas City!) of businesses that are building bigger brands that hinge on the intersection of related interests:

Bar K Dog Bar

This recently launched space in the revitalizing Berkley Riverfront Park combines an outdoor dog park with a bar and restaurant. While your dog frolics under the supervision of trained dog care professionals, you can grab a coffee, cocktail, or “healthy casual” meal and work, relax, or meet fellow dog lovers. The inclusion of an event space and outdoor stage for concerts or speakers further diversifies the brands’ approach.

Cafe Equinox at Family Tree Nursery

How do you attract foot traffic at a nursery in January? Family Tree Nursery added a botanically-inspired coffee shop with a wide selection of local baked goods to their existing space and gave consumers a reason to stop by in the “off” season. The result is a space that builds a deeper connection with customers and encourages repeat visits.

Whiskers Cat Café

While dog lovers enjoy the open spaces and variety of experiences at Bar K, cat people have a quieter, indoor alternative at this coffee shop near Midtown. You can enjoy coffee or tea while relaxing with cats and kittens in a fun, comfortable environment. If a little furball steals your heart, you’re in luck – Whiskers works with KC Pet Project to facilitate adoptions.

Sole Patch Men’s Shop

This barbershop is an invigorating return to the days when getting a haircut or a shave was a more social experience. An adjacent Guitar Lounge offers customers the ability to play while they wait or listen to live music in the evenings. It’s also a great space for groomsmen to relax as they prepare for a wedding. Sole Patch provides a multifaceted experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Pawn & Pint

Another hybrid bar that blends booze and intersecting interests, Pawn & Pint combines the comfort of playing a board game in your living room with the energy and community of a bar and social space. This “board game pub” opened after a successful Kickstarter campaign and has grown ever since. By providing a dedicated place for gamers to meet, mingle, and compete, Pawn & Pint has attracted a dedicated following.

Connection & Community

This boom in multifaceted, dual-use spaces speaks to consumers’ increasing need for broader experiences. Online shopping might be convenient, but it can’t offer the connection and community that these spaces provide. By expanding the consumer experience, these companies leverage specific interests into bigger communities and broader brands.

We’ll be examining some of these brands in greater depth and more detail in the coming weeks, so check back to learn more about the innovative, dual-use spaces that are taking Kansas City by storm!


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