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Two Powerful Strategies for Building Consumer Trust

We’ve been engaged in an ongoing exploration of the state of consumer trust (which has recently reached record lows) and how brands can reverse the trend. Today’s consumers, empowered by technology to choose from a wide range of products and to interact with brands on an unprecedented level, prize authenticity, engagement, and social responsibility. It’s a tall order for brands that previously focused solely on selling a solution to a problem.

Marketing in 2017 is about more than solutions – it requires establishing a brand identity that resonates with many various subsets of our increasingly fractured culture. And as the demographics of consumer groups continue to change, brands must emphasize diversity but transcend tokenism. Does it all make your head spin? It all comes down to trust – whether or not consumers believe that your brand has their best interests at heart.
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I was humbled by an email that was forwarded by a friend in New York. It told the story of a juror who received a personal thank you letter  from a judge. This particular judge has a policy of writing letters to each juror who serves.

His letter concluded, "Without good citizens like you, we could not fairly administer justice. Thank you very much for serving on this jury. It was a pleasure to have you in my courtroom."