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Innovation Includes a Challenge to Do Good

I write often about the seeds of innovation – where ideas come from and how those ideas are developed into revolutionary products and services. I am drawn to these examinations because I believe that true innovation has a measurable impact. It solves an existing problem in the marketplace or opens up new possibilities for growth and success.

However, innovation doesn’t always mean creating new technology from the ground up. Often, innovative minds match existing technology with real-world problems to create an unexpected outcome and an impact that positively affects real people.

In this holiday season, I want to explore how technology can meet needs that allow us to flourish.
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Christmas Story

In what began in 1992 as one man’s dream and a heartfelt gesture,
Worcester Wreath Company initiated the Arlington National Cemetery
project – donating over 5000 wreaths each year to adorn the headstones
of our fallen veterans.

It begins with a hand-made wreath, but Worcester Wreath Company President Morrill Worcester is quick to remind everyone who will listen, that “it takes a lot of
hands and a lot of hearts to make this happen each year. It is our way
of giving something back, because without the sacrifices of our
Veterans, and their families, we wouldn’t be in a position to do any of

Reported by Wreaths Across America