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If Hate is a Brand, Propaganda is its Marketing Strategy

Bloomberg View recently ran a powerful article titled, “Islamic State Is Just an Umbrella Brand for Hate.” Leonid Bershidsky’s compelling piece reaffirms to me that a large part of ISIS’ success has sprung from its deft combination of the age-old rules of propaganda with the novel accessibility of social media. ISIS’ twisted (yet carefully calibrated) message can be broadcast both faster and more directly than ever to horrific effect.

The message that propagandists cultivate tends to grow through three stages of attack. First, propaganda demeans the target group, then degrades them, and ultimately dehumanizes them entirely. This subtle escalation of rhetoric is the slippery slope that allows propagandists to infect the minds and hearts of those who hear their message.
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Permission to Believe


My favorite Dallas restaurant is Bolsa, a highly-acclaimed, Oak Cliff-based restaurant that has the right touch.

Bolsa’s web site promises, “Fresh, local ingredients. A daily changing menu. The best cocktails in the city.

The focus on fresh and local is evident throughout the menu and even in the bar menu (vodka tonic with cucumber).

The best part about the restaurant is that fresh/local is not hype. They pay off this claim in every detail.

How committed are the owners to fresh/local?


The owners literally built the restaurant on this promise and take great pride in the fact that their kitchens have no freezers or deep fryers.

The only way that works is with fresh, local ingredients and a menu that changes daily.