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Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Stinks: 4 Ways to Make Feedback Matter

Creating an online survey is simple. Choose one of the hundreds of existing builder sites, check a variety of drop-down boxes, add some questions and click submit. However, as we've recently discussed in our blog series, creating an effective survey is much more difficult. 

Once you've managed to craft a customer feedback tool that accurately measures satisfaction (and not an experience with your call center), it becomes vital to determine how best to implement the feedback. I've seen far too many businesses get complacent once they start gathering these metrics, only to do nothing with the data. Remember that your customer feedback can be the most powerful tool you have! 

Although every company is different – whether you sell lawn mowers or Learjets – there are commonalities when it comes to implementing change based on customer feedback. Let's dive in. 

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Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Stinks: Getting Meaningful Feedback

As your business begins to grow and your customer segments begin to expand, you’ll have to start addressing the idea of customer feedback and all the complexities that accompany it. From my experience, you’ll learn two things immediately:

  1. There are many great tools to use to create customer feedback surveys.
  2. Using these tools to create meaningful surveys can be extremely challenging.

Most entrepreneurs discover this the hard way. Hours of valuable time are wasted creating surveys filled with ineffective and confusing questions. For some reason, customer feedback surveys have become a “trial-by-fire” learning process for most new entrepreneurs. And while “trial-by-fire” may sound note-worthy, it is wholly unnecessary and a waste of valuable time and money.

We’re here to help you skip this arduous process, breeze through the fire, and ensure you are capturing a clearer understanding of your customers' experiences and your company as a whole.

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