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Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Stinks: 3 Ways Companies are Misled by Shallow Metrics

Every company claims to care about customer satisfaction. Fancy television salesman claim that “customers make the difference” or that “they’re our bottom line.” On the Internet, the large majority of client landing pages have the word values or goals in bright colors, immediately followed by claims about how their customers come first.

While it's understandable why many companies make these claims—regardless of how valid they are—what's alarming to me is the percentage of companies that are completely backwards in the way that they measure their customer feedback. It's as thought they think it's more important to claim satisfied customers than to actually find out what makes them tick. Not only do the majority lack the proper strategies to accurately gauge satisfaction, but they also compound the mistake by making serious decisions based on the inaccurate data they gather.

Let's take a look at the ways we can properly measure customer satisfaction and fix broken surveys!

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