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Yea or Nay? Building Your New Business Team

You’ve done it! Days and nights of vetting your idea, researching your market and identifying your customers have paid off, and your startup business is beginning to take form. Now, if you’re anything like most entrepreneurs, you can be found with hunched shoulders, a sweaty brow and a mind turning around the thought, “How can I turn this into a reality?”

The simple answer: You can’t! Not by yourself at least. No matter how amazing the idea or the simplicity of the processes involved, the fate of our businesses ultimately lies in the team with which we surround ourselves. Eric Schmidt, longtime CEO of Google, highlights this point in his recent tell all “How Google Works.” He explains,

“You need to have confidence in your people, and enough self-confidence to let them identify a better way.” 

One weak member can crumble a team, an idea or a business—there’s no mistaking this. So, how can we be certain we assemble the right team that will ensure our vision becomes a reality?

Here are four simple steps to use when building your new team:

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