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Worldwide Innovation: 3 Entrepreneurial Organizations Making a Big Difference

There's no mistaking the impact some innovations have had on our world. The smartphone has revolutionized the manner and speed at which we communicate. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have created a sort of radical connectivity most thought impossible two decades ago. And, with the hyper-development of the new “sharing economy,” transportation and hospitality will never look the same again.

However, regardless of the impact these developments have on society, I hesitate to call them life-saving. Our lives wouldn't end without our smartphone (although I know some Millennials and my grandchildren might think otherwise). Without Uber and Airbnb, the world wouldn't crumble beneath our feet. 

While many of these new innovations we interact with daily are certainly life-altering, I do believe some innovating businesses and platforms really are actually life-saving. What if every entrepreneur had access to capital – however small – allowing them to follow their dreams and end the cycle of poverty? What about a world with a fully stocked pharmacy around every corner, or a refrigerator in every household?

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