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Augmented Reality: The Future is Ready to Download

In our previous exploration of augmented reality technology, Inside the Innovative Mind: Virtual & Augmented Reality, we took a look at the origins of AR and how it might evolve in ways that connect people to their surroundings in new and innovative ways. Today, less than a year later, the explosion of AR apps is already offering a broad range of new experiences to users. From enhanced gameplay in real-world environments to consumer/product interactions and even clinical applications in medicine and pharmacology, AR is making incredible strides.

Let’s take a look at some of the products of this new technology that are reshaping how we interact with the world around us.
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Inside the Innovative Mind: Glimpsing the Future

One of the questions that I find consistently fascinating and informative is “How do entrepreneurs find world-changing insights?” For those with active, searching minds, inspiration can be found in many places, but the insights that have shaped product development and consumer behavior over the last several decades often came from where we might least expect them. By studying innovative minds and their sometimes surprising influences, we can learn a lot about how to create vital, transformative products ourselves. Continue Reading

What Does An Automated Future Look Like?

It used be that automated cars only existed in the movies. Fleets of stealthy, sleek drones were some sort of myth, and human-like forms of artificial intelligence only existed in comics and sci-fi movies. That future, which once seemed possible only in some distant version of Earth, is in fact quickly becoming reality. As technology continues at these extreme levels of unchecked growth, especially over the next decade or so, more and more sophisticated forms of automation are sure to be introduced into society.

But what does an automated future look like? And who will it affect?

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