From our start in 1995, we have focused on helping clients that are trying to do something new.

Our team has been involved with the marketing, and in many cases development, of 200+ new products. Our client list includes Microsoft, Sprint, H&R Block, Smith Electric Vehicles, Clifford Development, the Propane Education & Research Council and important agriculture groups including MN Farm Bureau and the National Pork Board.

Beginning in 2011, we began work on a Kansas City-based business accelerator and launched the organization, SparkLabKC, with an initial class of ten companies in 2013, followed by a second call in 2014 and a third class in 2015.

Business strategies are the focus of our business and we have a history of doing whatever it takes to get a new product or venture to market. Along the way, we have convinced a number of clients to suspend work on a product and retool, or completely abandon their concept.

We would like to hear from you. Al Eidson

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